Sadowsky Autism Services

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About Our Services

The following details provide an overview of the practices that Sadowsky Autism Services utilizes in order to provide the most effective services tailored to the specific needs of your child:

  • For our military families, Sadowsky Autism Services is proud to provide services under both the traditional ECHO applied behavior analysis plans and the Autism DEMONSTRATION (DEMO) plans within TRICARE.
  • If you select DEMO services, the exact level of direct tutor supervision for each case will be determined cooperatively between the parents and the Director.  Our goal is to maximize the number of contact hours provided each week while we maintain the optimal level of program supervision, direction, and interactions with the parents.  To this end, SAS prefers to perform a direct supervision session in the home at least once a week (depending on individual plan).  This frequency far exceeds the TRICARE supervisory requirements while simultaneously increasing the responsiveness and individualization of your child's behavior plan.
  • For our non-military clients, we will work with your insurance companies to receive authorization to provide services in accordance with your carriers' requirements.  We are contracted with a wide range of insurers to include Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and MO HealthNet.