Sadowsky Autism Services

Our Mission

At Sadowsky Autism Services, our goal is to provide the most effective, evidence-based intervention programs for children with autism and their families.

We use the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to develop individualized instruction programs for each child. It is our mission to maximize each child’s potential in a fun, child-friendly atmosphere.

Our Services

Each child in our service receives a fully customized therapeutic plan specifically tailored to meet their needs and requirements.

In order to provide the widest possible range of activities and programs, we offer services in your home, at our Center, out in the community, at school, at daycare, or in any combination of locations.

Please note that each insurance program will have guidelines for where services are allowed to be rendered.

Home-Based Services
Center-Based Services
Blended Services


Our Center

The Sadowsky Autism Services Center is housed in what was formally the First Baptist Church of Platte City.

SAS does not have a specific religious affiliation but the building was exactly what we needed in order to expand our clinical footprint and to bring our administrative and logistical services all under one roof.

The facility consists of over 15,000+ square feet of usable space to include the large, open area that was previously the sanctuary, classroom spaces, play areas, outdoor play spaces, a cafeteria, lounges, and professional office space.

The building as a whole was built in phases with the oldest parts of the building erected in the 1950’s and the newest sections in 1995. Our most recent upgrades include the installation of artificial turf in both our outdoor playground as well as our covered water play space!

Our Philosophy

Serving the Greater
Kansas City Area and Beyond!


Our goal is to assist parents and caregivers to find the very best Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services that fit their specific needs and requirements.

While we understand and appreciate that all too often families desperate for services are left with the “we will take whatever we can get” option, it is still essential to know how your provider operates when you give them time and access to your child.

Each ABA company will utilize the approach, methods and philosophy that works best for them. It is important that families know how their ABA company operates so that they can make informed decisions about what services and options they choose – even if it is not with Sadowsky Autism Services.

During our initial meetings with the family, if we feel services from another organization would better suit your needs we will notify you immediately and help you transition to the new provider.

We Are Here to Serve



The Sadowsky family completed 20 years of commissioned service in the United States Marine Corps – including two combat deployments to Iraq and three to Afghanistan. 70% of our clients are military families because this is the community that we understand, this is the community that we came from, and this community was the focal point for the design and structure of our practice – customized and built in order to serve our fellow military families.


25% of our clients are covered by Missouri Medicaid. We believe that all children deserve an equal chance to thrive in the best way possible – regardless of what their insurance plan will pay for services. These clients are our neighbors, play on our soccer teams, live in our communities and we WILL find ways to serve this community. Medicaid clients receive exactly the same services, resources, and benefits as our other clients.


About 5% of our clients are on a private insurance plan. Our experience is that there are many more options available to families with access to private insurance resources so we primarily focus on our military and the Medicaid community.  Please contact our office to determine if we are able to provide services for your child.


Our Service Locations


Kansas City – Fort Leavenworth – includes our Center in Platte City, MO

Manhattan – Junction City – Fort Riley

Waynesville – St Robert – Fort Leonard Wood

Warrensburg – Sedalia – Whiteman AFB


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