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ABA therapy usually takes place in one of two settings–either in a Center setting or in a home program.

For those with access to Sadowsky Autism Services’ Platte City Center, we also offer a “blended” program of both home and center services.

The recommendation from our staff as to the type(s) of services we recommend are driven purely by the assessment process. Very few of our home-based clients also get services at the center but all of the clients that we see at the center are also seen at home.

Home Services

The vast majority of our services at SAS are provided in this setting. “Home” for us means pretty much anywhere that is not at our Center. We are happy to accompany you to the supermarket, the swimming pool, or anywhere that we maintain an established program.

Center Services

Center-based services are only available at our Platte City location at this time (though we will be adding additional locations in the future). Our new Center in Platte City is a 15,000+ square foot facility that houses both of our clinical and administrative offices.

Blended Services

This is a unique service model where we utilize the Center for socialization, social skills groups, special events, and to have access to the wide range of toys, and games. We use the Center to focus on skills like sharing, turn taking, letting others lead, and collaboration.

At the same time, we utilize home sessions to focus on parent training, working in the natural environment, and addressing the challenges at home.

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